Royal Marine Founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in 2001 with a mission to provide highly specialized technical service to the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

The Company has grown to become a specialized Company providing a wide range of services to the offshore Oil & Gas industry, and other industries. Royal Marine provides to its Clients with up to date access to the advances made in the Marine and Subsea Engineering related technologies.

Over the years the Company has attained an enviable track record, providing long term services to Petroleum companies in UAE.


The company is also extremely proud of its integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System, which is implemented in every sector of the company.

Risk management is a continual process and Royal Marine regularly identifies hazards and assesses associated risks.  Appropriate action is always taken to manage these risks and reduce or prevent the possibility of accidents.

Emergency management plans are maintained to cover all operations, identifying equipment, training and personnel necessary to protect the workforce, customers, public, environment and the company’s reputation in the event of an accident.

Any accident is reported, investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence and improve HSEQ performance. Investigations will focus on root causes and/or system failures with any necessary corrective actions put into place to reduce future injuries and losses.
Internal assessments and external audits and inspections are used periodically to ensure Royal Marine HSEQ processes are properly in place and working effectively as well as continually improving and updating the systems