Royal Marine provides Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality consultancy for the Oil & Gas industries by highly experienced consultants in the field.

Our work, make us able to attract highly qualified people with the right set of values. The growing focus on sustainable business adds to this attractiveness. Getting good people on board is essential, but it only takes us half way there. Our core competence in Royal Marine is to identify, assess, and advise on how to manage risk. These are advanced skills that need to be constantly updated and refined for us to maintain our leading position. We therefore invest considerable resources in professional development on an individual as well as on an organizational level.

Shipping is inherently a business with many variables and risks that need to be considered and managed. To achieve successful management, strategic, transactional and operational issues must be mastered in an integrated way – from boardroom to engine room.

Royal Marine consulting units for the maritime industry specialize in management and technology consulting. We provide solutions beyond compliance, complementing Royal Marine classification and certification services.

  • Technical consulting

Effective solutions to minimize risks and maximize business opportunities.

  • Energy management

A process to minimize fuel consumption through improving operational procedures – ultimately reducing costs in addition to demonstrating environmental leadership.

  • Safety excellence

Reliable technology, compliance and audited management systems will only assure you an average safety performance. If you can’t tolerate accidents you need excellence.

  • Operational excellence

Operational excellence is the pursuit of excellence by optimizing operational costs and execution time, increasing revenue and business performance and at the same time take into account frame conditions governing the operation.

  • Concepts & technology

Royal Marine is in the forefront on challenges in maritime technology, finding solutions helping our clients unlock their full potential.

  • Environmental Excellence

Today there is a growing public awareness and increased focus on environmental performance of the maritime industry as well as tighter and stricter international, national and local environmental rules and regulations being enforced.